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The Pearman Personality Integrator (The Pearman) provides a measure of personality in one’s natural state (i.e., what you or clients feel most comfortable doing) and in one’s every day environment (i.e., how you or your clients are required to act in their profession). It explores any disconnects by providing insight into their level of flexibility. Going back to the roots of personality type theory while incorporating new insights into the way individuals operate in the 21st century, the Pearman is perfectly suited for use with your talent development initiatives.


The Pearman Personality Integrator dives deeper into the complexities of personality patterns. The Pearman is based on understanding an individual’s personality at multiple levels. From how someone interacts with the external or internal world, to how they take in information and make decisions, and the combination of those individual pieces (i.e., mental functions), The Pearman assesses the fundamental components of what makes up an individual’s personality type. The Pearman assessment provides the freedom of representing personality along a continuum and does not require choosing a preference for one personality type over another.

Understand Natural Behaviors and Expected Behaviors

The Pearman assessment provides the freedom to indicate those behaviors that are most natural in contrast to those that are needed or performed in your client’s day-to-day life. Explore where the differences lie, where the similarities are, and measure what flexibility your client has to operate outside of his or her comfort zone (Flex Index).

When your client completes The Pearman, he or she is answering questions that measure comfort and use of eight mental functions. These are very specific behavioral statements that promote insightful responding and personalized results leading your clients to feel a greater fit with their results.

Flexibility & Change

The Pearman integrates personality type with an individual’s flexibility (i.e., the Flex Index) to provide a complete picture of an individual’s functioning. You will understand how specific and developable flex index skills relate to each mental function so that you are not left “stuck” with a personality type that isn’t working for your clients. You can also add the EQ-i 2.0® module to explore type and EI from an integrated perspective.

To be effective in today’s workforce your client must be able to adapt and flex to meet the ever-changing needs and demands of the modern organization. Adapting to change and being resilient to setbacks are the operating principles that are needed for success. The Pearman Flex Index measures how your clients are able to leverage their psychological resources to operate at peak capacity. More specifically, the Flex Index looks at your client’s competency with:

  • PROACTIVITY - Taking action
  • COMPOSURE - Remaining calm
  • CONNECTIVITY - Connecting with others
  • VARIETY-SEEKING - Seeking out new experiences
  • REJUVENATION - Coping with increasing pressure

The Science

The Pearman Personality Integrator combines the science you expect from MHS Assessments™ with the utility and awareness of personality type. As a normed assessment complete with scores, validity indicators, item-level information, and rigorous psychometric backing, the Pearman brings a scientific approach to personality type.


The Pearman Personality Integrator features both Coach and Client reports which have been developed to ensure your clients can grow within and outside of their personality results. Further, you can speak to the comparison of your client’s scores relative to a representative population, providing the context necessary to understand the full scope of their personality and flex. And finally, hone your developmental targets further through exploration of your client’s item responses provided in the Coach report.


The Pearman Personality Integrator can be combined with the EQi, EQ 360 or TESI or other assessments and offers universal insight that can be used in any number of contexts, including:

  • Individual Self-awareness & Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Coaching/Mentoring
  • Team and Team member Development
  • Succession Planning/High-potential Development
  • Group/Team Development
  • Higher Education
  • And More...

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