Marcia Hughes JD, MA  Keynote Speaker

A Realm of Experience for a Realm of Value!

Over a distinguished career in law, business, human services and public administration, Marcia Hughes has developed the ability to captivate audiences at both an intellectual and emotional level. Her audiences:

Connecting People, Purpose & Productivity
Become inspired to end habitual behaviors and adopt new ways of interacting
Get motivated to put what they've learned into practice
Receive real-life ideas that get real-world results
Look at conflict as a puzzle to be solved vs. a problem to be avoided
Improve their ability to listen, communicate and connect with others
Identify what's truly important and act on their values and priorities

Life's 2% Solution is an important tool for professionals working in today's corporate world. Why wait until your next vacation to come alive? Marcia Hughes offers a powerful route to connect to a more meaningful life. While your glow from a vacation may last a day or two, investing 30 minutes a day will allow your glow to shine for a lifetime.
       - Mary Broesch
         Vice President and Actuary
         ING U.S. Financial Services

Marcia’s impressive background uniquely qualifies her to help your group achieve its goals. She is author of Life’s 2% Solution and lead author of Emotional Intelligence in Action, other credentials include:

 Juris Doctorate from George Washington University, National Law Center

 Masters in Psychology, University of Colorado at Denver

 Negotiation training, Harvard School of Law

 Presents to a variety of convention and corporate clients including U.S. Postal Service, Colorado Bar Assn, Medtronic, California Casualty, American Association of Water Works

 Consults with such organizations as National Renewable Energy Laboratory, American Express, Metropolitan Denver Chamber of Commerce, Cities, Counties, and Federal Agencies

 Extensive Community Leadership including being awarded Big Sister of the Year (Colorado), and serving as President of CO Foundation for Families and Children, and Appointed to the Multi-Disciplinary Committee, CO State Judicial Department

"Thank you for your highly successful presentation. Of the eight sessions, yours received the most positive responses. Comments such as “opened my eyes,” “Marcia is the best,” and “useful practical ideas” were common.
       - Larry Kallenberger, Colorado Counties, Inc.

Our programs use a variety of teaching techniques to appeal
to and engage the different learning styles of each audience.

Participants Say:

When I think of Marcia I
think of clarity. She's a
clear, dedicated and
inspirational speaker.

  - Pam Best
    Project Director
    Johns Manville

Dynamic is the description for Marcia!
  - Paula Ekonomos
    Director of Market
    Development, Medtronic

Marcia captivates a crowd!
  - Evan Goulding Executive
    Director Special District
    Association of Colorado

We bring Marcia to speak because her engaging style works so well with many different levels of our staff.
  - Cindy Gilliland
    Human Resources Mngr.
    California Casualty
    Management Co.

I found it to be one of the best leadership enhancing speeches I've heard, and I've heard many!
  - Tina Street
    Area Administrative
    Officer, U.S.D.

Presentation Summaries...

Based on the Collaborative Growth Team Model, this presentation gives teams and their leaders the opportunity to strategically understand the seven behaviors of success for teams. As these seven develop, teams expand their capabilities in developing trust, empathy, loyalty and better decisions. Teams discover that this is a continuous growth process. As teams learn how to build these four benefits they enjoy sustainable productivity and emotional and social well-being as a team.

When teams develop the seven behaviors of success they change conflict from an often scary threat to true opportunities. As they build their skills, take time to understand one another, communicate for success and enhance the can-do atmosphere, productivity is a natural result. That makes it sustainable instead of forced. Teams and their leaders explore the seven core skills required of strong teams and how to apply them to resolve conflict.

It takes more than technical capacity to succeed in today's increasingly complex world. In this presentation we present the Collaborative Growth Team Model as a powerful strategic path to team success and that means emotional and social well being for the team and its members as well as sustainable productivity for the organization.

The little trade-offs you make to get things done accumulate and have an insidious way of leaching away your creativity, passion and sense of fulfillment. Life’s 2% Solution offers a bold new plan for taking control of one’s own happiness. Simply put, commit just 2% of your time each day to following a compelling plan and you will realize the transformative power of the 2% Solution. Learn the new way to connect with your core strengths and values, balance productivity and reflection, and fully integrate your passion with your action.

Got balance in your workplace? Your employees are your greatest asset. Respond by supporting them as a whole person and gain their undying loyalty. Keep your staff from voting with their feet and leaving. With the brief investment of 2% of their time your staff can find new levels of passionate engagement at work. Maximize your Return on Investment by focusing on a proven powerful strategy leading to sustainable results.


Learn to lead so your people want to follow...and produce results! No matter how powerful your vision and that of your organization is, it must inspire passionate commitment in your teams and individuals to be effective.That requires trust and open effective communication. Learn to grow those competencies until they deliver a measurable return on investment.The highest level of emotional intelligence is self actualization. The 2% Solution shows your leaders how to love being all they can be by fully engaging their EQ.

Authentic success begets peace of mind; you are acting in sync with your values. Authentic success recognizes that success is a reflection of your values and your strengths. Using your strengths to achieve authentic success means tapping into your natural power. Happiness and optimism, both components of emotional intelligence, are vital to true success.Authentic success combines your inner and outer strengths, though integrating these two is not always so easy. Learn to apply the formula which will lead you to bringing your passion to life while you maintain balance.

Live for your days on, not your days off! Go beyond the theories of emotional and social intelligence and make it real, powerful and meaningful for you. You know your life is working well when you personally experience a quality of living best described as emotional well being. This state reflects a way of engaging with the world centered on a fully developed sense of yourself, your values, strengths and goals. Understand the techniques of moving toward being all you can be rather than running away from the demons of the world – real or imagined.

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