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Emotional Intelligence, EI


As an emotionally intelligent trainer you know implementing the power of EI theory can produce real behavioral change. . . Do You Know HOW?

If you struggle with…

  • HOW to translate your excitement about EI into measurable benefits for your clients
  • HOW to assess their needs and help them build a dynamic strategy for responding to change that translates their challenges into strengths and increased productivity
  • HOW to design and present an exciting program that can change behavior and develop sustainable growth
Then you need the creative power of Collaborative Growth, experts in the field of EI and your best business ally! We offer a complete training curriculum and coaching that answers the “HOWs” and teaches you to:
  • Deliver an exceptional EI training for leaders and the workforce
  • Help your clients achieve positive behavioral change

In this one-day Train the Trainer seminar, “Developing an Emotionally Intelligent Workforce” you will receive a complete one day EI training curriculum based on the ground breaking text Emotional Intelligence in Action which includes:
  • Personal training from the authors, respected members of the global EI community and contributors to the ongoing development of the field
  • A dynamic Power Point presentation
  • Participant notebook -- cover, training exercises, and handouts
  • Concrete strategies and a tool for marketing your training to potential clients
  • An EI specific coaching methodology with feedback delivery technique's taught through interactive practice and the fundamental skills of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Opportunities for follow-up private coaching

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